Recruitment Services


Understanding and meeting client requirements is at the heart of everything Tasman Human Resource Consulting delivers. After each engagement we apply two simple tests.

  • Has our client’s organisational capability been significantly enhanced?
  • Is the client, delighted with the services they have received, ready to re-engage and do they proactively recommend us to business colleagues?

So how do we achieve that?

We think it comes down to delivering results over and over again thereby building a sustained partnership. We are focused on doing business over many years with a select group of customers whose organisational capability is continually growing, in part through their partnership with Tasman.

Core Services:

  • Executive search and advertised selection
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Contractor recruitment and deployment
  • Project recruitment supporting organisational development


As an IT executive or professional, it’s almost certain you have engaged with IT recruitment firms and no doubt had experiences that vary from good to poor and very occasionally great. Tasman works a little differently from many in that:

We won’t

  • Send your details to all and sundry in the hope that “one may bite”
  • Tell you we are working on a role when we are not
  • Present you for a role you’re not really suited to
  • Compromise your career because it’s in our interests

We will

  • Treat you with respect, honesty and forthrightness
  • Only present you to clients you have agreed to
  • Give you honest feedback
  • Do our very best to keep you informed
  • Be very clear about what we can and can’t do for you

And above all

  • We will strive to place you in a role where you can be very successful, challenged, grow your career and be rewarded well.